I want to redefine the word courage.

I am a timid, conservative, cautious person. I weigh every decision for it’s pros and cons. I overthink everything – especially things I want to avoid. People who know me, know I am ruled by my fears and inhibitions. But I have gotten over some of these fears. Left a cushy 9 to 5 life and took a leap of faith. Some people say this was courage.

In my case, this was a culmination of a few things.

First of all, clarity of what I did not want in my life. When I took the leap of faith, I did not know if things will work out. But I was clear on what I was leaving behind – both good and bad. I was leaving behind certainty and stability. At the same time, I was walking away from boredom and mindlessness. I was sure of my decision.

Secondly, my people. I am fortunate to have enablers around me. Honest enablers too. Their support is not limited to just the money and brain power. They provided emotional support on bad days, provided creative solutions, answered sos calls when things went wrong, planned weekends so I can calm down, even drove around town with me so I could use the HOV lane.

Courage, in my case, was situation + enabling people + luck (of course).

Courage is not getting over fear. Courage is running behind what you want. I owe a lot of everyone who has helped me on my way.

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