What Bombay taught me…….

Bombay is where I grew up. It is very true that Bombay is a sentiment. It is pride, it is a way of life and it is that warm feeling of being HOME. Growing up in Bombay has made me who I am. Here is a little bit of what this beautiful and magnificent city has taught me

  1. Time is everything
  2. Learn and learn quick. The city of opportunity is no place for slackers. To survive one needs to adapt. To adapt one needs to learn.
  3. How to be tough and to survive even when conditions are hard and discouraging.
  4. Make friends — you have to know a guy, who knows a guy, who can get the job done.
  5. Value of money.
  6. Most importantly – Dream big, nothing is impossible.

I miss my life there.

This is for Bombay; for Family, for Friends and for the Food. You have made me who I am. Thank you for that.  


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