Yeahhhh Season 2


As you might know this is season 2 for the food truck.
We are working hard to get more locations this year. This is all in an effort to reach all of you. Keep watching the schedule for all our new spots.
We will also bring new dishes and new flavors to you.
Last but not the least, have a look at the truck. Its beautiful and colorful and designed to make you smile.
(Thanks for the hard work of the team at Tantadan Designs)

I would sum up season 1 as awesome and difficult. We have learned a lot, mostly from our mistakes. (oouch)
We would really like to thank all our loyal patrons, the 400 facebook followers and everyone who has reviewed us on yelp and other social media platforms.
You have really given us the confidence to keep going. We do take feedback seriously, so keep it coming.

We are counting on your love and support. Hope to see you at the truck …… loving sandwiches

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